Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beyond Mainstream Media

From Huffington Post

CHICAGO — Barack Obama has found something that eluded him during the primary season _ contrast. And, he's basking in it.
"He will not bring change," Obama always asserts, rightly or wrongly, of rival Republican John McCain. "I will."
In McCain, the likely Democratic nominee faces an opponent who is the opposite of him in every way _ an Iraq war backer who supports free-market economics, opposes abortion rights and is a Republican. Obama delights in pointing out the differences, and does so often.
To be sure, McCain returns the favor at his campaign events.
But vast disagreements with McCain _ on everything from economic philosophies to security proposals _ seem to have given Obama license to more aggressively and enthusiastically go after his foe. It's a turnabout from his more cautious approach in the Democratic primaries when he faced Hillary Rodham Clinton, a fellow Democrat with whom he differed little.
These days, Obama assails McCain's position on the issues every chance he gets. He levels his charges with a commonsense tone and lighthearted touch that couches the criticism while making his core argument: McCain and President Bush are the same.

"If you are satisfied with the way things are going now, then you should vote for John McCain," Obama says before rattling off a list of current concerns, including rising gas prices, home foreclosures and job losses as the country fights two wars. Then, Obama promises "fundamental change."

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