Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Democratic Party Platform

Contribute to the Democratic Platform. This is a chance to talk politics.
Attend a platform development meeting. Sac State for Obama ( a part of the Progressive Alliance), will hold one of these meetings
7 PM.
Obama Headquarters. 1420 65th. Street/ Suite 102. Sacramento .
Wed. July 30, 2008. In the shopping center at the corner along with Strings, Starbucks etc. Park in the lot behind the stores.
This particular event will focus on platform issues on NAFTA and Fair Trade, Immigration, and one or two additional issues. Please inform yourself in advance on the Obama positions on this by going to www.barackobama.com.
There will be several of these events in the Sacramento region. If you wish to focus on another issue, then you may wish to select a different platform meeting where your issue will be Highlighted. They will all be listed at www.mybarackobama.com/page/event
Note: if you register at mybarackobama.com, you will be asked to make a financial donation. This is voluntary. You do not need to donate to attend the Platform meeting.
For more information. Contact Duane Campbell, Electoral Chair , Progressive Alliance.
Volunteers needed.

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