Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Progressive Forum: Fall 2008

Bill Fletcher
Progressive Forum 2008
Forrest Suite: University Union. CSU –Sacramento
Oct.9 , 2008. 9 Am – 3:30 pm. Free
Join us for a dialogue on current issues facing the progressive movements and their allies in our region. The Progressive Forum seeks to bring together scholars, students, social justice and union activists, and policy makers to nurture a new kind of conversation from within the campus and the social movements.

9 AM.
Bill Fletcher, author . Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path Toward Social Justice.
David Bacon, author, Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants.
Renee Saucedo; Immigrant Worker Organizing Centers

10:30 AM Organizing Round table :
Kevin Wehr, Eric Vega, Leisa Faulkner, Carlos Rojas, students, Duane Campbell,
Time for interchange.

12 Noon.
Bill Fletcher. Race, Class, Labor and the U.S. Democracy.
Jim Shoch : Government Dept. Elections and the Democratic Party

1:30- 3:30. In the Summit Room.
The Struggle for Racial Justice in 'Colorblind' America
Race, Ethnicity and Class.

Bilingual/multicultural Education. CSU-Sacramento, Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento Progressive Alliance, Progressive Student Alliance., Labor Studies:
Ethnic Studies Department. Campus 4 Obama.

For more information
contact Duane Campbell, Parking. Use daily pay lots. Buy a one day pass.


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