Friday, October 3, 2008

Who Won the VP Debate?

So who won the VP Debate last night between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin? CNN and CBS each conducted polls immediately after the debate. Survey says...

Sen. Biden won handily. Details are below in this post from Mark Blumenthal of

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October 3, 2008
What's A Win?: VP Debate Edition
By Mark Blumenthal

CNN and CBS, the two networks that released surveys immediately after the presidential debate last week, have done the same for the Vice Presidential debate. Presumably, the methodologies are comparable to those used on Friday. Their online reports are not yet online, but by the magic of TiVo, I managed to get the results off the air. [Update: Both reports are now available -- I added links below].

CNN conducted a telephone survey among previously interviewed respondents who planned to watch the debate:

51% said Biden "did the best job," compared to 36% for Palin.

64% said Biden did better than they expected, 14% said he did worse than expected, 20% said he did the same as they expected.

84% said Palin did better than they expected, 7% said he did worse than expected, 8% said she did the same as they expected.

Asked before the debate if Sarah Palin is "qualified to be president," 42% said yes and 54% said no. After the debate, 46% said yes and 53% said no.

CBS again followed up with a survey of uncommitted voters (those totally undecided or who say they might still change their minds) using the Knowledge Networks nationally representative online panel:

46% said Biden won the debate, 21% said Palin won, 33% saw it as a tie.

18% of these originally uncommitted voters made up their minds to support Obama, 10% made up their minds to support McCain, 71% were still uncommitted.

53% said their opinion of Joe Biden changed for the better, 5% for the worse and 42% said their opinion did not change

55% said their opinion of Sarah Palin changed for the better, 14% for the worse and 30% said their opinion did not change

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Synchronicity said...

Biden clearly won that debate. I just cannot imagine how anyone could think that Palin did well or why they would think she should be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. She had nothing of substance to say and basically ignored the moderator's questions.