Friday, December 25, 2009

The Oligarchy Wins Again : Palermo

The Oligarchy Wins Again
A forty-vote Republican minority in the United States Senate controls the destiny of all legislation aimed at addressing the nation's most pressing needs after eight miserable years of Republican misrule and malfeasance. Welcome to California, America! Here in Sacramento, only thirteen Republican state senators control legislation relating to the state's finances. In Washington it's the filibuster; in Sacramento it's the two-thirds rule. In either case an unpopular right-wing minority gets to dictate to the majority what is to be done and what is not to be done. In either case the Republicans win!
In the nation, as in California, the Republicans are unpopular, hence, their minority status. And their policies are even more unpopular. But since they're so interconnected to the corporate oligarchy they somehow get to rule even when they're in the minority.
Sweet for them, isn't it? 
And in both Washington and Sacramento the Republicans get to blame the Democratic "majority" for not getting anything done even as the hapless Dems face obstructionism of historic proportions. You can see it in the watered down health "reform" bill winding its way out of the Senate. And you can see it in the precipitous rise in the stock prices of health insurance companies. You can see it in the wholesale sell-off and privatization of the state of California amidst the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. You can see it in the foreign wars and bloated military budgets.
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