Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Democrats must stand for something

Subject: Massachusetts

Watching a conservative Republican replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate is devastating.

But as bad as the news is this morning, there's actually one reason to be hopeful.

For the last year, Democrats in Washington have let lobbyists and corporate interests run roughshod over the peoples' business. Wall Street got bailouts. Bankers got bonuses. Big Insurance rewrote the health care bill. Meanwhile, ordinary Americans struggled to make ends meet.

But now, finally, Democrats know they need to change course. The question is, will they learn exactly the wrong lesson? Will they give up on change altogether? Drop health care reform? Follow the lead of conservatives like Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh embrace "Republican-lite"?

I just signed MoveOn's petition to make sure Democrats don't get it wrong this time. It's time to demand that they start truly fighting for working families. Will you join me?

Duane Campbell

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