Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tell the Senate: pass Unemployment extension

Remember recess? I do. Dodgeball, Simon says, freeze tag, foursquare, tetherball, hopscotch, red light-green light and on and on and on. Those were good times. 

But before we could go out and play, my teachers gave us a list of what we needed to get done first. From cleaning up our desks, to handing in our morning worksheets, we knew that if we didn't check everything off our list, we couldn't go out and play.

Unfortunately, our senators don't seem to have learned that lesson.

Due to procedural roadblocks put up by the Republican minority, the Senate is in danger of leaving for its August recess without passing critical legislation necessary to help the millions of America's working men and women who are suffering in this extended recession. From the almost 2 million workers whose unemployment insurance has run out to the hundreds of thousands of teachers, nurses and firefighters whose jobs are in danger, we need the Senate to act now. 

America's workers need your help. Contact your senators today and demand they complete our pre-recess checklist before they go home: 

*Senate Pre-Recess Checklist* 
 * Extend unemployment benefits for the millions of long-term unemployed. 
 * Reform Wall Street. 
 * Save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers. 
 * Provide aid to cash-strapped states to protect vital services, including nurses and firefighters, and save more than 900,000 additional jobs.

America's working men and women have waited long enough. Contact your senators today - - and tell them to get to business helping America's working men and women before they go on recess. 

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