Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arizona students to be deported : please assist

Please spread this to supporters.

Saludos Companer@s,

The last five months have been intense. Along with working collaboratively with you on the resistance against racism we have created and continue to develop on the ground grassroots organizing with families in the barrio and we continue to develop protection networks for undocumented families. There is more work to do and we welcome that challenge because we know we stand side by side with you. For now TYLO is sharpening our focus, stepping back for reflection after the last months and evaluating for our future work. This week we are doing internal work to prepare for the future and supporting one of our youth members through our protection network.

As you all know on of our community members Nancy family members is in ICE detention. He was handed over to Border Patrol and then ICE after a minor traffic stop by Pima County Sheriffs. He is currently in a CCA/ICE prison in Florence. The family is in grief but standing strong. Many of you know Nancy and her family is protected under our protection network. TYLO is supporting Nancy's family with immediate economic help as well as mobilizing for bail.

The bail hearing with the ICE judge is Wednesday, August 12 in the morning. We need to raise $5,000 in bail. We have raised $2,000 dollars already and we are working on raising the rest.

We need your help! Can you donate? Mobilize others to donate? Organize a fundraising dinner? Or hold another creative fundraising event please do. Everything will help. We have to raise the remaining 3,000 dollars by Tuesday, August 10. We really need your help!

Mailing Info:
Checks can be written to: Barrio Sustainability Project – TYLO
They can be mailed to: Centro Tierra Y Libertad, 3649 S. 7th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85713

Deposit Info:
Chase Bank
Account Name: Barrio Sustainability Project - TYLO
Bank Account Number: 2940170679

Rosalva and Cesar are coordinating bail support for Nancy. If you have questions or can offer support please email both of us:

Cesar Lopez
TYLO Community Organizer

Rosalva Romero
TYLO Community Organizer

In struggle,
Tierra Y Libertad Organization - TYLO


We ask that all friends and allies help spread the word about Marlen's situation-- please distribute widely!!

ACT NOW!! to stop Marlen Moreno's Deportation this Sunday!!

  • Call Secretary Napolitano, and tell her to stop Marlen's deportation: 202-282-8495
  • Call Assistant Secretary John Morton and tell him to stop Marlen's deportation:202.732.3000
YOU SHOULD SAY:  "I am calling to leave a message of support for Marlen Moreno who is being deported on August 8th.  Marlen is eligible for the DREAM Act when it passes and should not be deported.  I ask that Secretary Napolitano and/or Assistant Director Morton please step in to defer her deportation, she is an asset to this country.  Thank you."

Check out the FaceBook page:

Marlen's entire story is here:

Also, you can:

1. Call Rep. Grijalva (202-225-2435) and ask that he introduce a private bill on behalf of Marlen. Ask that he contact DHS and ICE immediately urging them to stop Marlen's deportation.

2. Call Rep. Gutierrez (202-225-8203) and ask that he also introduce a private bill on behalf of Marlen. Ask that he contact DHS and ICE immediately urging them to stop Marlen's deportation.

Script for speaking to member of Congress:
"Hi, my name is ____. I am calling about Marlen Moreno. She is a bright and talented DREAMer from Arizona . She is married to a legal resident and has two U.S. citizen children, but yet still faces an August 8th deportation. I am calling to ask that the representative step up to the plate and introduce a private bill for Marlen, in addition to directly contacting John Morton and Janet Napolitano, urging the both of them to immediately halt Marlen's deportation. Please do not allow for Marlen to be deported! Thank you."


Marlen Moreno, 26-year old DREAMer is set to be deported on August 8th - this next Sunday!
Marlen is DREAM Act-eligible, is the mother of two US citizen sons and the wife of aLawful Permanent Resident.  Please follow the instructions below and act now to help keep Marlen in the United States . Please join us for a Press Conference tomorrow, 8/3, at noon at Southside Presbyterian Church to call on Secretary Napolitano to terminate Marlen's deportation proceedings.
Arizona- On Sunday, August 8th, less than a week from today, Marlen Moreno will no longer be in this country.  She is a wife, married to a legal permanent resident, and a mother to two wonderful U.S. citizen children, Freddy Alan who is 3 and Leobardo, Jr. who is just 10-months old.
Marlen was brought to the United States when she was only thirteen years old. She has been living in Tucson, Arizona for over thirteen years and, like many DREAMers, considers this country her home. Since the start, her parents told her to value her education and, through hard work, she was the first person in her family to graduate from high school. Marlen aspires to become a pre-school teacher because she believes education is the key to success.

In 2008, as she slept with her 8-month old son in her hands, ICE showed up at her house to detain her.  She would spend the next four months in jail and detention all because she needed to work to provide for her family. She now faces deportation from the only country she knows. Worst of all, she faces separation from her husband, a legal resident, and her two sons, both American citizens.

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kyledeb said...

Thanks for writing about this! Would you be interested joining a campaign I helped start last week called the DREAM Now Letters? Marlen's is the latest letter i just put out at email me at kyle at citizenorange dot com if you want to get involved.