Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Call the Governor; Establish a state bank

A good project of PDA,the California Green Party, DSA and others.

Bill to Study State Bank Passes in California

 -Needs Governor’s Signature
The California Legislature just approved a Blue Ribbon Task force to study starting a state owned bank (AB 750), and we need you to urge the governor Jerry Brown to sign it.
This bill will take California’s money ($17 billion in taxes, fees, etc. at any one time) out of Wall Street Banks and bring it to California where it can be used  with community banks to lend money to small businesses, manufacturing and agriculture.
The proposed California bank can join a national movement to take money out of Wall Street and invest it in main street. 
  This is California taxpayers money.
For more information go to
Please write to Governor Brown, or call him at 916-445-2841.
This is a project of PDA.  The Sacramento Progressive Alliance often works with PDA. 

And right this minute, please write Governor Brown or call him 
at 916-445-2841.
Heal Main Street; Abandon Wall Street!
In solidarity,
Susan Harman
Public Banking Institute national coordinator PDA.

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