Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Progressive Alliance - No on Prop. 32

Progressive Alliance endorses Barack Obama and Ami Bera.
Ami Bera   Candidate for Congress District 7.  John Garamendi.  District 3, Jose Hernandez, District 10, Jerry Mc Nerney, District 11.
Vote Yes on Prop. 30.  Fund the schools and the universities.
If you live in the Sacramento region, please forward these recommendations to all of your contacts on e mail and facebook.
Prop. 30
Funding for schools and colleges
Budget process revisions
Prop. 32
Special Exemptions.  Anti union.
Prop. 33
Insurance changes
Prop. 34
Death penalty repeal
Prop. 35
Limits human trafficking
Prop. 36
Modify 3 Strikes
Prop. 37.
Labeling of  GM foods
Prop. 38
Tax initiative to fund  K-12 education
No recommendation
Out of state corporations to pay taxes
Prop. 40.
State Senate districts

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Prop. 34 will kill innocent people:

Those on death row murdered at least 1,279 people, including 230 children & 43 police officers. 211 were raped, 319 robbed, 66 killed by execution, & 47 tortured. 11 murdered other inmates.

A jury of 12 people & a judge confirmed for each inmate that their crimes were so atrocious and they were so dangerous that they not only did not deserve to live, but they were so dangerous that the only safe recourse was the death penalty. Recognizing how dangerous these killers are, the prison houses them 1 person to a cell and does not provide them with work, leaving them locked in their cells most of the day.

Prop. 34 wants to ignore all of this and save $ by placing these killers in less-restrictive prisons where they share cells. They also want to provide them opportunities for work, where they have more freedom, access to other inmates and guards, & more chances to make weapons.

Prop. 34 also destroys any incentive for the 34,000 inmates already serving life without parole to kill again. There would be no death penalty. They are already serving a life sentence, so why not get a name by killing another inmate or a guard?

Prop. 34 also takes away the money for inmates to challenge their convictions. If innocent, they will spend the rest of their life in jail, celled with vicious killers. Prop. 34 will cause more deaths of innocent people– guards and people wrongfully convicted but no longer able to fight it in court.

And they refer to Prop. 34 as the SAFE Act!