Tuesday, July 8, 2014

California bill to Overturn Citizens United on Governor's Desk

Overturn Citizens United Act passed the Senate and Assembly!
— SB 1272 now on Governor's Desk

In a fitting victory for Independence Day, SB 1272, the Overturn Citizens United Act, passed the Senate on the last legislative session before the 4th of July.  It's now on its way to Governor Brown's desk for him to sign!

SB 1272 would put a measure on this November's ballot letting Californians demand that Congress pass a U.S. Constitutional amendment that overturns its terrible Citizens United decision and that says once and for all that corporations aren't people, and money isn't speech.

Now it goes to Governor Brown's desk.  So far he hasn't committed to signing it.

This legislative victory happened only because we all worked together.  The author of the bill, Senator Ted Lieu, and its sponsor Money Out Voters In have done a fabulous job pushing it forward.  The California Clean Money Action Fund has been happy to help.
for the national campaign see the post below. 

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