Saturday, August 23, 2014

Koch Brothers Fund misleading anti Ami Bera ads

Here is how the Sacramento Bee describes the misleading and false ad running dozens a time per day on local TV stations.
“Crossroads GPS, the outside group affiliated with GOP strategist Karl Rove, is out with a television ad in Sacramento County, yoking freshman Democratic Rep. Ami Bera to the federal Affordable Care Act. Criticism of the controversial health care overhaul has been a major campaign theme of Bera’s GOP opponent, former Rep. Doug Ose, who favors repealing and replacing the law.
Following is a series of claims the organization makes, with an analysis by Christopher Cadelago of The Sacramento Bee Capitol Bureau.
Narrator: “Obamacare isn’t healthy for California. But Congressman Ami Bera voted to keep it.
It’s expected to cost taxpayers $2 trillion, increase taxes by $800 billion and cut $700 billion from our Medicare.
Millions were told their plans were canceled. And Obamacare could cause women to lose their doctors and pay higher deductibles and co-pays.
Tell Congressman Bera, ‘Do what’s healthy for California. Repeal Obamacare.’”
Analysis: It’s true that Bera has voted against Republican efforts to repeal the federal health care law, but the ad tosses out large numbers in a misleading way.
While the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects the law would have more than $2 trillion in costs through 2024, that figure does not take into account offsetting income through tax increases or spending changes. The budget office says the overhaul in its entirety would actually reduce federal deficits.”
The ad continues with a series of equally misleading claims and false statements.
This is the work of American’s for Prosperity, the Koch brothers funded 501 c4 campaign.

It asserts that it is an issue ad. Of course it is an anti Ami Bera ad.

The Koch brothers are buying our elections right here in Sacramento County.  You can view a documentary on their efforts here.

“Koch Brothers Exposed” chronicles the damage being done to individuals, communities and our democracy by two billionaires who are using their vast wealth to rewrite the rules of government to suit their ends. But the Koch brothers are a symbol of a greater problem of the power of money in politics—in particular, the ability of some über-rich people and large corporations to put their massive thumbs on the scale of democracy in ways that manipulate and ultimately overwhelm the will of the people. 

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