Monday, October 13, 2014

What would happen under a Republican Senate?

312 votes.
That's how many votes a U.S. Senate election came down to. It's the number of votes that ultimately propelled progressive champion Senator Al Franken to the Senate six years ago. MoveOn played a key role in electing him to the Senate, from endorsing him to recruiting volunteers for his campaign. 
This fall, Sen. Franken's race is one of fewer than a dozen that will determine control of the Senate for the next two years—and any one of those could hinge on just a few votes. In fact, polling is showing that a number of key Senate races are tightening in favor of the Republican candidate.This is real. Republicans are about to pull off a huge victory on November 4.
 It's simple. If a few votes can be the margin of victory, and just a few close Senate races will determine control of the entire U.S. Senate, then every volunteer pitching in to get out the vote matters.

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