Friday, December 19, 2014

DSA Welcomes Opening to Cuba

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) celebrates the Obama administration’s move toward the normalization of diplomatic relationships between the United States and Cuba. This change in U.S. foreign policy will help bridge the divide between U.S. and Cuban residents. We believe that increased cultural exchanges will improve the quality of life of both peoples, as will easing the flow of remittances from the Cuban-American community to family members in Cuba. But normal diplomatic relations are not enough; DSA will work with others to pressure Congress to end the unproductive and unjust trade embargo that remains in effect.
DSA remains steadfast in its support of those working for full democracy and human rights in Cuba (dissidents both within and without the Communist Party). DSA believes, as Rosa Luxemburg did, that the right to dissent and to form free political associations and parties must be an integral part of a socialist society. Thus, DSA will continue to support organic Cuban dissident and reform movements that are working to democratize the country's political and economic institutions.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Black Lives Matter

The march in NYC.

The Torturers and their enablers are sick !

Trevor Timm
December 10, 2014   The Guardian
(posted by Duane Campbell)

The revelations in the Senate Committee's Torture Report make it the most disturbing scandal in recent U.S. history. The number of different crimes committed by the CIA and documented by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s committee is truly extraordinary. But, for the Obama Administration, the CIA torture scandal can't end fast enough. But torture is a war crime and the architects must be held accountable to ensure this rampant criminality never happens again.

Every one expected the Senate’s CIA torture report to be shocking. But I’m not sure anyone – except maybe the torturers and the tortured – was really prepared for the depravity and sheer lack of humanity laid out in the 580 pages released on Tuesday morning in Washington. It is, in many ways and in the starkness of all those footnotes, the most disturbing scandal in recent American history.
The amount of different crimes committed by the CIA and documented by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s committee is truly extraordinary. Not only does the report detail the systematic torture of dozens of detainees – which included sexual assault, rape and homicide – but the amount of times the CIA allegedly obstructed justice, committed perjury and made false statements is hard to even count. The breaking of laws almost catches up with the breaking of bones, minds and bodies. (By the way, the Washington Post has helpfully put together a graphic with all of former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden’s lies to Congress – the documented ones, at least – should the Justice Department like to press perjury charges anytime soon.)

But while it’s doubtful an Obama administration that still somehow stands by the CIA has the guts to uphold the law at this point, as Bloomberg’s Josh Rogin and Eli Lake reported, the report’s “real impact could be felt in courtrooms across the globe in the months and years to come”.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sacramento, CA -- Marchers rally at Capitol for ‘Just Justice’

Marchers rally at Capitol for ‘Just Justice’

Friday, December 12, 2014

NAACP 'Just Justice' March & Rally Saturday, December 13th, 9am

NAACP Sacramento Presents the "JUST JUSTICE" March & Rally
Saturday, December 13, 2014

Please join other concerned Sacramento area citizens as we rally for social justice and police reform!
• Equal Protection under the law – Justice without regard to Race, Creed, Class, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Immigration Status
• End Racial Profiling
• Respect Constitutional Rights
• Economic Justice – Labor rights, raising the minimum wage

Just Justice Rally
Saturday, December 13, 2014
Sacramento, CA

9:00 a.m. Convene Southside Park (9thand Q streets)
10:00 a.m. Arrival State Capitol West Steps (555 Capitol Mall)

For more info contact Sacramento NAACP office 916.856.0155

Join the Day of Resistance. 12/13/2014

The movement for justice launched almost exclusively by black youth in Ferguson this summer has turned into a wave of indignation sweeping the country. What happened with Mike Brown and Eric Garner are not the exceptions to the rule: but examples of social control by a system based on white supremacy.
That’s why we cannot stop or slow down our protests now. Instead, we must take them to the next level and do more and more to #ShutItDown. Respectability will not protect us. Silence will not protect us. FergusonActionDec1314.jpg
Actions are scheduled for Saturday, Monday, and in some cities, every day!

The U.S. system of racialized capitalism devalues lives of people of color, especially the poor, by allowing the government (via its police) free rein to insult, abuse, attack, rape, maim and even kill black people – all with little or no consequences. These brutalities affect us all. Not only is our collective humanity challenged by such a system, but our civil liberties are undermined. Socialists and progressives of all racial and ethnic backgrounds have a shared material interest in following the lead of black activists and demanding an end to this crisis through systemic, transformative change. 

[Please Note Time & Location Change!] Progressive Alliance December Organizing Meeting

Sacramento Progressive Alliance
Sacramento/Campus Progressive Alliance
December Organizing Meeting 
Saturday, December 13, 12pm-2pm
Old Soul Cafe @ the Weatherstone
812 21st Street, Midtown Sacramento 95811
(Please Note: We moved back our meeting time so that our members could attend the NAACP March for Justice at 9am at Southside Park)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sen. Warren Calls on House to Strike Repeal of Dodd-Frank Provision in F...

Citicorp wrote the bill. The House passed it.
From the NY Times. 
"The fierce Democratic opposition over the Dodd-Frank rollback provision created the odd spectacle of President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. calling Democrats to muster support for the spending bill over the opposition of Ms. Pelosi.
“I love the American political system, I really do, but the ability to sneak in substantive policy measures and make it take it or leave it, I think it’s appalling,” said Simon Johnson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management and a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, who is a prominent critic of the nation’s big banks.
The push-out legislation assumed outsize importance, not only because of what it does but because the biggest Wall Street companies have fought it since it was proposed.

Who's Making Money Off The War On Drugs?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Progressive Alliance Meeting

Update.  Time change.
the Progressive Alliance meeting for Dec. 13 is changed from 10 Am to 12 noon to allow all to participate in the Sacramento March for Justice. 
Location: To be Announced. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Economic Crisis: Capitalism is crazy

RS Seminar- Economic Crisis: Capitalism is crazy: Capitalism is crazy. NY Times documents how a company is destroyed sending jobs overseas.   California Teachers Retirement System is...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Freedom School Project @ Sac State Presents "FRUITVALE STATION"

Campus Progressive Alliance
The Freedom School Project Presents
“An Unstoppable Cinematic Force”
-- Rolling Stone

“Profoundly Compelling.”
-- USA Today

Free Admission!  Everyone Welcome!
5pm -- Thursday, December 11, 2014
Del Norte Hall 1004
Sacramento State University

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free Angela - Film

Campus Progressive Alliance
The Friday Night Film Series Presents  
“Captivating from start to finish.” -- Village Voice

“Resonates with improbable timeliness.” –- Washington Post

"92% Fresh!" -- Rotten Tomatoes

Free Admission!  Everyone Welcome!
Friday, December  5, 2014
Shorts – 6:00pm     Feature - 6:30pm
 Mariposa Hall 1001
Sacramento State University

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Police Violence is not inevitable

Steve Early
November 28, 2014
YES! Magazine
Four Ways a California Police Chief Connected Cops With Communities
A critical look at any institution with as much power and authority invested in it as the police is probably a good thing.

Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus speaks at a local event in 2012. , Photo courtesy of Richmond Police Department.
In the wake of a Missouri grand jurys decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, it can be difficult to imagine a place where law enforcement and a racially diverse population work together productively in the United States.
A decade ago, Richmond was about to record a homicide rate of 47 per year.
But its happening in Richmond, California, a gritty town in the San Francisco Bay Area best known for its massive Chevron refinery and, in previous years, for its high crime rate. While the situation in Richmond isnt perfect, it is an example other cities can learn from.