Friday, February 23, 2018

Oppose the Janus Case- From Your Union

As a union, we are, by nature, united. Our voice is stronger because we are together. We won’t let anyone silence our collective voice in advocating for safer, stronger schools and communities.

But that’s exactly what some greedy CEOs, special interests, and politicians are trying to do. With a Supreme Court case called Janus, they want to further rig the system so they can reap more profits — at the expense of the middle class. Their goal is to limit workers’ freedom to join strong unions — limiting the strength of our united voice.

For educators, this means they want to stop you from having a voice to advocate for students and the resources they need to learn.

This is a monumental moment in our nation’s history. The stakes are high for working people, and we need to make sure people are paying attention!

The Supreme Court is hearing the Janus case next week and people across the country are coming together this Saturday, February 24, to show that we will not be silenced.

In solidarity,
The Education Votes Team

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