Thursday, May 24, 2018

Progressive Voter Guide

 Sacramento Progressive Alliance
Progressive Voter Guide 
Vote Before June 5th!

U.S. Senate
Kevin de León

Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor
Gayle McLlaughlin

Attorney General
Xavier Becerra 

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tony Thurmond
Congressional District 4
Jessica Morse
State Senate District 4
Phil Kim
Sacramento County District Attorney
Sacramento County Sheriff
Milo Fitch 

Sacramento City Council District 5
Tamika L’Ecluse
       Sacramento City Council District 7
Tristan Brown

Sacramento County Office of Education Area 2
Sacramento County Office of Education Area 3

Yolo County Supervisor District 2
Don Saylor

American River Flood Control District
Rachelanne Rae Vander Werf

 Cal. Labor Federation recommendations.  Propositions:
Yes, 68;  Yes 69: No, 70; Yes 71; Yes 72. 


Unknown said...

Why in the world are you not endorsing Alison Hartson???? She is a Justice Democrat who takes absolutely no corporate money and is dedicated to campaign finance reform. This is the core problem of our current 'democracy', and establishment Democrats are partially to blame for the state we're in.

Alison is by far the most progressive candidate countering decades of Feinstein's borderline (moderate) Republican voting habits.

Alison has helped win over 5 state governments to work toward overturning Citizen's United at the helm of WolfPAC. She is accepting NO corporate money, unlike de León.

de León is a very mild progressive who likely does not want to seriously challenge Feinstein as that might hurt him politically. Alison is for us, the voters, not party harmony and gladhanding.

Your organization should surely reconsider your US Senate endorsement before the primary June 5.


Policy Hound said...

Agreed unless the thought is thar kdl. has the better chance of beating difi but that is kind of a pact with the devil because Kdl is is beholden to special interests is any politician out there. He is unlikely to take down the incumbent anyway so why not vote for a true progressive alison hartson?

Duane Campbell said...

Thank you for your thoughts. We endorsed Kevin de Leon because of his leadership on basic issues. He has carried the Sanctuary State effort. As Senate Pro Temp he ushered through progressive budgets. He helped pass legislation to favor Health Care for All, and has been significantly pro labor.

The Justice Democrats have many good candidates.IMHO Like the Bernie campaign in 2016, they under estimate the importance of the Latino community and the Latino vote. If we are going to build a progressive majority, we can not only look Anglo groups. The majority will be created by learning to work together.

To say that supporting Kevin is a Pact with Devil is a serious mis description of his career.
Duane Campbell. Electoral Committee co-chair.

Anonymous said...

I AM VOTING ALISON HARTSON. Too BAD You don't support her too!
I am sick of being apart of the Corporate Weak Democratic Party, or being told that Progressives can't win.
LOOK at what the extreme Right Wing Republicans have accomplished! We no longer believe you.
We are listening to polls like this, but also ignoring them and voting with our conscience.

After TRUMP., and his swamp of extreme right wing candidates I know the DNC only supports corporate candidates.
Even this Progressive site picks the "safe" vote. We are DONE with politeness. We will fight back for a better California, A Better America for all.

No longer will many of us pay attention to the noise from the DNC or Progressive sites that that a Real Progressives can't win!.
I am voting for Alison Hartson, even if she doesn't place, I will sleep better knowing that I voted with my conscience for more inclusive, stronger California.
STOP school shootings!

Duane Campbell said...

It is good that you are voting.

We did not pick the safe vote. We picked a vote with a substantial progressive record as explained before.
Here is part of what you are ignoring.
Duane Campbell
Co Chair Electoral Committee

Drea said...

I hope by now you have adjusted your views on the Justice Democrats. Especially as the founders include Cenk Uygur and Saikat Chakrabarti (with Kyle Kulinski and Zack Exley) and the biggest win for Justice Democrats at this point is the nomination of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Looking at this group nationally, I don't think they are overlooking the Latinx vote, but likewise we need to support candidates on issues rather than ethnicity. Just because a person *is* a minority doesn't mean they have all the interests of minorities and working people at heart. The assemblyman miguel santiago from LA who attempted to block California's attempt to define net neutrality and had only backtracked after being beseiged by calls-- he is Latino, Democrat, and accepted money from corporations leading to his behavior with that specific bill. At this point I will certainly be voting de Leon, but I hope the progressive alliance of Sacramento stays up to date with the strong progressive movement in this country. Thank you.