Monday, June 25, 2018

Sacramento Demonstration Agains ICE- today

LACLAA ( Labor Committee for Latin American Advancement)  organized a  noisy and dynamic demonstration today at the ICE offices in Sacramento to oppose the policies of jailing children and to slow down ICE.  Photos, videos, and sound recordings contributed to the scene.

Desiree Rojas

Desiree Rojas, Sacramento LACLA President pointed to large photos and said we have now seen children put into dog kennels.  We have seen ICE Separate families. And, we must resist. 
“We will fight for the children !  We will fight back against ICE !” 
LACLAA , a part of the AFL-CIO, has been organized and active in Sacramento since 1982 and was particularly active in the anti NAFTA efforts and in organizing annual Cesar Chavez marches. 

Local residents of the Japanese Citizens League,  who had themselves been incarcerated in 1942 in the Japanese Incarceration told of their stories.  And, how the incarceration haunted them for decades.

Fabrizio Sasso, Executive Secretary of the Sacramento Central Labor Council  described today’s effort as a part of the battle for Freedom and Democracy. 

Duane Campbell (DSA) the Co Chair of the Immigrants’ Rights Committee of Democratic Socialists of America told the crowd of some 200 of the DSA campaign to Abolish ICE.  

“This issue before us is one of human decency.  Under the Trump Administration ICE has developed a new policy of deliberately separating families of immigrants and refugees.  They are separating parents from their children as a form of collective punishment.    We have seen the photos. We know what is happening! 
Now they claim to have changed  the policy and they will keep the children with the families—in jail!

You can’t end the separation of children by locking up the entire families as Trump has ordered in this Executive Order.  We will not permit it.  “
Duane Campbell

Putting whole families in cages isn’t a solution. It is not enough to reform ICE or even defund ICE. 

We need to attack root problems. We can’t get distracted by Trump’s lies.  He lies 

about the current situation. He lies about the number they have arrested. 

He lies about the arrest policies.  He lies about the arrest numbers. 

We want our communities to thrive, not struggle to survive. Prison system profiteers make big bucks off detentions. That’s why they fund politicians who use racist anti-immigrant rhetoric to divide us. 

Family detention and workplace and community raids are designed to sow fear in our communities and divide working people. That it hurts us all. We say no. #AbolishICE."

ICE has been separating families since its inception 15 years ago. From the Border to Washington, DC to Sacramento.  

We must oppose this Trump administration policy, and we must abolish ICE.

We  in DSA have launched a national campaign to abolish ICE now. 

30 of our DSA chapters have made plans for direct action this week  to shut down ICE , Ice offices, and all those who enable the heinous crimes ICE commits this week. 

Every raid cuts communities apart.  (ICE) raids and detentions are part of a racist nationalist fear campaign across the country.   is time to #AbolishICE.

We  in DSA will work together with others to Abolish Ice and to Oppose the Trump Deportation Agenda.
You can contact the DSA Immigrants Rights Committee at

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