Monday, August 20, 2018

Progressive Efforts :Aug 22.

Gayle McLaughlin Discusses the California Progressive Alliance

 · Hosted by David Hildebrand and Time Tested Books

Aug. 22.  6:30 PM.
  • Our state, even with a Democratic Party majority in the legislature, is in critical straits. Nonpartisan left organizing is crucially important. It has the potential to create space for progressives working both in the Democratic Party and outside the two-party system.  Ultimately, it has the potential of shifting the dialogue in a major way to our urgent issues throughout the state.
  • California needs a statewide left organizing force independent of party, and welcoming of participation from all left parties and from left activists within the parties. We also need to organize progressives not registered with any party  —  this is a fast-growing group of less-frequent voters

Note: Not the Sacramento Progressive Alliance. However, a potential ally. 

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