Saturday, September 29, 2018

Stop Kavanaugh _ Defend Christine Blasey Ford

Democratic Socialists of America

Watching the relentless questioning of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and Brett Kavanaugh having the gall to turn the tables and angrily claim victimhood, made me indescribably furious. The hearings were grueling for survivors across the country, and for their loved ones.
Yet I need you to use rage to fuel action. I need you to take strength from Ford’s courage, and join the fight for our future.
Kavanaugh has demonstrated his contempt for our humanity and dignity. More importantly, his judicial beliefs are dangerous. If he becomes a justice of the Supreme Court, he will undermine our rights, whether in reproduction, work or daily life. We can also expect structural violence against people of color, LGBTQIA folks, people with disabilities and working class and poor people. He has been groomed for this role by the right-wing since he was in prep school. The Senate must reject him.
In the last two days, Allie Cohn and Chris Riddiough of DSA’s national elected leadership, the National Political committee, were arrested in civil disobedience in Washington, DC.
Will you join them in taking emergency action locally?
These six senators are possible swing voters on Kavanaugh. Urge them to vote no!
  • Sen. Susan Collins, Maine: 202-224-2523 / 207-780-3575
  • Sen. Joe Donnelly, Indiana: 202-224-4814 / 317-226-5555
  • Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona: 202-224-4521 / 602-840-1891
  • Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota: 202-224-2043 / 701-258-4648
  • Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia: 202-224-3954 / 304-342-5855
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska: 202-224-6665 / 907-271-3735
I ask you to contact anyone you know in West Virginia, Maine, Indiana, Arizona, North Dakota and Alaska. Ask them to:

  • Find and attend protests or direct actions in district offices of Senators Collins, Donnelly, Flake, Heitkamp, Manchin, and Murkowski. Progressive organizations and some DSA chapters are already making plans. Check with your local DSA chapter to see if they’re doing actions.
  • Call their senator every day and urge them to vote no on Kavanaugh.
And call your own senator, and demand they do everything in their power to stop this confirmation: 202-224-3121. You can find your senator’s names here.
Check in with your comrades. Then take a deep breath and keep fighting. Channel your rage into standing up for justice and building our collective power.
We won’t back down.
In solidarity,
Maria Svart
DSA National Director
 Petitions sent from Sacramento on Friday.
To: Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris
We believe Christine Blasey Ford and  Deborah Ramirez
We believe survivors and we call upon the U.S. Senate to ensure that  Dr. Blasey Ford’s story and that of Deborah Ramirez is carefully and fully examined without bias or prejudice. We call for an FBI investigation of these charges prior to voting on the Kavanaugh nomination.
Too frequently the survivors of sexual assault are forced to suffer in silence. Those who choose to speak out face backlash, skepticism, and ridicule. We can do better.  We demand that the U.S. Senate does better. 

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