Saturday, April 13, 2019

Oppose Trump's Racist Lies

Trump is using immigrants and refugees at the border to stoke fear and create chaos so he can con all of us out of more money and freedom for his racist anti-immigrant agenda.
This is a deliberate strategy by Trump, Stephen Miller, and the right-wing xenophobes in the administration to create a frenzy and terrorize immigrants—while abusing human rights, sacrificing our democracy, and funneling more of our money into his deportation and detention regime.
Instead of treating these immigrants and asylum-seekers like human beings, the deportation force is herding them into photo ops to manipulate politics and get Trump what he wants. We can’t let ourselves fall into his trap.
That's why my organization, United We Dream, teamed up with MoveOn to lay it all out in this two-minute video. Will you check out and share this short video so everyone knows what the Trump administration is scheming and how to stand up to it?
Greisa Martinez Rosas video
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Too many news sources are amplifying images of Trump's manufactured chaos without giving essential context to understand what's happening at the border and why. That bigger picture is laid out in our video and reflects the work United We Dream, MoveOn members, and many others have been doing to stop Trump's racist attacks on immigrants and on our democracy since he assumed office.
Thanks for all you do.
–Greisa Martinez Rosas, United We Dream

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