Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Trump's Lies

  • President Trump is speaking to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, a day before the Senate is expected to acquit him in his impeachment trial. A team of New York Times reporters who cover the economy, national security, health care and more are listening and fact-checking his claims as he speaks.
  • Mr. Trump has regularly been exaggerating and inaccurately portraying elements of his record, including that the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement will create nearly 100,000 auto jobs (false), that the administration has sought to always protect Medicare and Social Security(misleading) and that there is a blue-collar boom(needs context).
  • Among those in attendance in the House chamber on Tuesday night were the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom Mr. Trump singled out as the “true and legitimate president” of Venezuela, and the conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who received a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Catch up on the key moments

This is misleading.

So-called sanctuary city policies vary by location. In most of the cities, local politicians direct police departments not to transfer undocumented immigrants suspected or charged with crimes to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But such suspects are not automatically released into the public unless they were to make bail.

This is mostly true.

The “Medicare for all” bills co-sponsored by many Democratic lawmakers would provide government health benefits to all “residents” of the country, a group that appears to include undocumented immigrants. The bill also specifies that coverage will not be denied to residents on the basis of “citizenship status.” Whether this aspect of the bill would bankrupt the country is more questionable. The Medicare for all bills are expected to requirelarge increases in federal spending, but the coverage of undocumented immigrants would represent a small fraction of that spending.

More to come. 

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