Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Trump Coronavirus

I accuse.

Over 100,000 will die.  Perhaps millions.
Our economy will be set back again- worse than 2008-2012, that will
cost homes, lives, careers, families,  and more.
By a virus that began in China and has now spread world wide.
The U.S. has more cases than any other nation on earth, including China.
Why ? In part the incompetence of the Trump administration. 

The U.S. was not prepared. When the Trump administration first knew of the virus they hid the information to continue to promote Trump.  Then, they misdirected and lied to avoid blame, all the time the problem was growing worse.  Masks, ventilators, safety equipment should have been placed on emergency orders by Feb 1- it was not.  People will die.  Brothers, sisters, grandchildren, parents will die. 
The CDC bumbled the initial testing production, adding to the crisis and the lack of ability to respond. 

Austerity, promoted by Republicans nationally and in the states, and some governors,  under funded  public health systems.  We need a positive, ready, public health system.  We do not have one. (Mostly a state and local level responsibility). These were budget choices.

Thousands, perhaps millions will now die in the richest country in the world due directly to incompetence by the Trump cabal and the underfunding of public health choices.
Now, many of us will die.  Our children, our grandchildren will die. 

There are many guides to dealing with the virus.  Here is the CDC.  Also, check your local, regional county or state government sites.

Duane Campbell, Sacramento

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