Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Virus and Trump Incompetence

South Korea currently tests about 10,000 people per day, and the virus is slowing,
The US tests less than 200 per day, because we don’t have test kits distributed. We can not get more test kits because the administration cut the health budget each of the last two years,.  And, the virus is spreading, Even in the nursing home in Seattle where many have died, they can not get test kits to test those remaining alive.

This is incompetence- and it kills,
We now have had more than a month to prepare to defend our people against the spreading virus. The U.S. still is not responding at the necessary level because the Trump government is spending its energy and time managing perceptions to influence the stock market.  See the statement by the nurse’s union.
They have not used emergency authority available to them to mass produce masks and test kits. They also need to be preparing auxiliary hospitals for the coming surge !

This is incompetence.  People will die because of the incompetence.  I hope that it is not you or a member of your family.

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Get serious about fighting the Virus,


Trump and his administration have proven that they will continue to put profits for the wealthy and corporations ahead of the needs of the rest of us. Trump is empowering Big Pharma and showing concern for industries that he and his cronies are personally invested in—while overseeing an inept and dangerous response to this crisis. From gutting the federal agencies tasked with coordinating the response across states to spreading inaccurate information on Fox News, to appointing Mike Pence to lead the efforts when Pence doesn't believe in science to putting a former pharmaceutical executive who oversaw price gouging of lifesaving medicines in charge of ensuring treatments remain affordable, the federal government's response has been harmful and continues to put more lives at risk as the health crisis grows.
Furthermore, this crisis is exposing the failings of our health care system. No one should have to worry about a medical bill causing bankruptcy, or have to put off going to the doctor because they can't afford the cost of the visit or the time off from work, or be denied care because they can't pay. We must move toward a universal coverage system like Medicare for All to ensure that everyone is able to get the care they need, and workers should have paid sick time so they can rest and recover, or care for their loved ones. We starting to see some progress, as a number of companies have announced paid sick leave for employees and several states have directed insurers to cover COVID-19 tests—but it's far from enough and leaves out the uninsured, so we need to make sure that everyone has access to health care, paid sick leave, and other social safety net supports.
And this crisis is exposing racism and xenophobia. Viruses know no nationality. But just as this viral outbreak is exposing failures of our health care system, it's also uncovering racism and xenophobia toward Asians in America. Attacks against Asians are on the rise, Asian-owned businesses are losing customers, and biased media reporting is fueling misinformation and fear. We now see Republican officials misidentifying the virus intentionally to lay blame at Asian countries and deflect from their own responsibility for a failed response—and this could lead to more hatred, fear, prejudice, and even violence.

A Health Emergency Demands Treatment Not Tax Breaks
Progressives need to need to enunciate and fight for a plan to deal with the potential pandemic. Leaving solutions up to those who have made the situation worse makes no sense.

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