Monday, April 20, 2020

Should Sacramento Expand its Jail Capacity ?

I'm writing because the Sacramento Board of Supervisors is going to vote tomorrow about whether to spend $7 million to design a new jail for the County. This is simply wrong-headed, and I'd urge you to write the Supervisors to object, preferrably before they vote. 

Among other things, Sacramento County's arrest and conviction rates are declining, and (a few months ago) 60% of those incarcerated in the County jail were not convicted of anything, they were simply too poor to afford bail. That's right, it's illegal to be poor in Sacramento County!

I've written those facts and a few more in a mail I sent the supervisors (here). Feel free to use that or make your own objection to this misuse of public funds.

It's true that the public has precious little input into public policy, but when it comes to local issues like this, I'd suggest we can have a little more impact. In any case, pre-emptive resignation is not a winning life strategy

Also, feel free to pass this along to your friends and neighbors, too.

--Mark Dempsey

P.S. Here are the supervisors' emails: Don Nottoli <>, Patrick Kennedy <>, Phil Serna <>, Sue Frost <>, Susan Peters <>

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