Friday, July 17, 2020

Poor People's Campaign - Strike

What we look like, where we live, or how much money we have should not determine whether or not we can live healthy and whole lives. Every day that this nation chooses not to address the five interlocking injustices, there is a death measurement. The pandemic changed our lives and deepened the divides that have always plagued us.

Before COVID-19 there were 140 million people who were poor or one emergency away from poverty. In the past few months, millions more have lost their jobs. Tens of millions are on the brink of eviction. Millions more are forced to pick between their lives and their livelihoods. Too many of us lack healthcare in the face of a deadly virus. And this is to say nothing of the environmental crisis before us.

On July 20th, people across the country will rise up and go on strike for Black lives. Will you join us?

This nation has invested in systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation and the militarization of our communities for too long. We must now invest in expanding democracy and establishing peace and justice across the land. Check out our just launched Moral Policy Agenda to Heal the Nation: Poor People's Jubilee Platform and stay tuned for what's to come.

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Strike for Black Lives

July 20th is a day of reckoning. Across the country, workers will rise up to strike for Black lives. Together, we will declare that Black Lives Matter and build a moral fusion movement that fights against the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, systemic poverty, ecological devastation, militarism and the way economy, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism, and brings about a fundamental revolution of values that will transform our society.

There are many ways to take part, even if you can’t leave home or strike.

Poor People's Ju

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