Tuesday, August 11, 2020

We Must Unite to Defeat the Trump Regime

Donald Trump has demonstrated again how necessary it is to remove him and his corrupt regime from the government of the nation by his current failure of leadership in times of crises. In the Covid 19 crisis with its disproportionate impact on Black, brown and low income communities, he, and his government have shown themselves to be incompetent and corrupt. Thousands are dying of the coronavirus each week, disproportionately Latinos and African Americans, particularly elderly nursing home residents, the incarcerated, and detained immigrants. He has militarized police forces in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere showing that his administration is willing to use martial law, We have seen in the recent actions of Trump how he would move to consolidate authoritarian power. Military forces and police forces cooperated with him in an unconstitutional seizure of power. The military action taken by Trump and Barr strongly reinforce our need to continue to work toward the defeat of Trump in the 2020 elections if those elections go forward. The need to defeat Trump in the elections is even more urgent today than it was in May. We can change this. We can defeat Donald Trump. I, and others, mostly organized around the North Star Caucus of DSA have developed an open letter on why it is essential to use all of our efforts to defeat Donald Trump and his regime. The letter, as printed in The Nation, is here. Statement the Nation https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/defeat-trump-open-letter/ Here is the letter in Spanish. https://www.dsanorthstar.org/derrotaratrump.html We encourage you to read the letter. Endorse It if you approve. Circulate it on your social media. We must organize to defeat Trump. The very Republic is in danger.

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