Friday, October 30, 2020

Undoing Prop 13

Undoing Prop 13: California’s 1978 ballot measure ushered in the era of inadequate government and kicked off the state’s decline. Voters may finally be ready to repeal it.

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Monday, October 26, 2020

What Is Prop 15?

Key Facts About Proposition 15, California’s Commercial Property Taxes, and Revenue for Schools and Local Communities 

Local tax revenue reflects a community’s shared effort to support vital public services that all Californians need to thrive in our cities and counties. This ranges from education for students in K-12 schools and community colleges to access to housing, health care, public parks, and libraries. These vital public services are supported by tax revenues from commercial and industrial properties – many of which are still taxed based on purchase prices that are more than four decades old. California voters will be asked in fall 2020 to vote on a measure known as Proposition 15. 

This  amendment to the state Constitution  would change how commercial and industrial properties are taxed and provide more revenue for schools and local communities to support services Californians rely upon. This report outlines key facts about how Prop. 15 would change taxes for commercial and industrial properties and increase revenue for local communities. 


Ten Key Facts about Proposition 15.


Prop 15.  Overturning Austerity 101




Thursday, October 22, 2020

Key Facts About Proposition 15

Choosing Democracy: Key Facts About Proposition 15: Key Facts About Proposition 15, California’s Commercial Property Taxes, and Revenue for Schools and Local Communities   Local tax revenue re...

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Case Against Donald Trump

The Case Against Donald Trump

End Our National Crisis 

by Editorial Board, New York Times, Oct.18,2020









End Our National Crisis 


A Man Unworthy of the Office He Holds

Donald Trump can’t solve the nation’s most pressing problems

Because he is the nation’s most pressing problem.


Saturday, October 17, 2020


Voting Power Unleashed

Sacramento Poor People's Campaign



News, Updates & Action Alerts

October 17, 2020




A California Statewide Webinar: Voting is Power Unleashed! With Special guest: Rev. William Barber II. Sunday, Oct. 18 at 2-4PM PT. Please register at:

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Sacramento Bee Misinforms About School Budgets

Choosing Democracy: The Sacramento Bee Misinforms About School Budgets:  Marcos Bretón today in the BEE,  describes what he thinks are the facts of   the SCUSD budget. Most of the data  are cut and paste from pri...

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

To Stop an Electoral Coup

To Stop an Electoral Coup, Study What Went Wrong in the 2000 Florida Recount 2000-recount 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Trump Not Tested Before He Entered the Debate !

October 2, 2020 (Friday)
Today’s media was consumed with news of the spread of coronavirus to the president and First Lady, as well as concern over the degree to which it has spread to other people associated with the White House. A number of those who attended the Rose Garden announcement of Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court have tested positive. That number includes the Trumps, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), and Fr. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame. Also infected are Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, and at least three journalists who have attended White House events in the past week.
And tonight, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway reported that she, too, has tested positive.
As I write this, just before midnight, Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien has just announced he, too, has tested positive for the coronavirus.
Five minutes after midnight (sorry for breaking the midnight rule again), we learned that 11 staffers from the Cleveland debate also tested positive.
We will not learn of infections among the Secret Service.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tested negative, as have Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.
This evening, medical professionals transferred the president to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center “out of an abundance of caution.” He walked from the helicopter under his own power, and posted a short video to his Twitter account assuring viewers that he is doing “very well.” He remains in charge; power has not transferred to Vice President Mike Pence.
Aside from the personal implications of the spread of this illness—and let’s remember that there are 46,459 other Americans who have contracted the coronavirus in the last day-- this major news story has huge implications for the upcoming election. It also illustrates how the administration’s secrecy and lies take away our ability to make informed decisions about our own lives, as well as about the nation.
The Trump entourage has refused to wear masks, social distance, or follow the advice of public health experts for reducing the spread of the virus. Now it appears that White House officials deliberately withheld information about their condition, directly endangering other people who acted on the presumption that the Trump people weren’t infected. The Washington Post reported that Secret Service agents, who risk their lives to protect the president, are angry and frustrated: “He’s never cared about us.” The 30-50 Republican donors who met with Trump Thursday night at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, are “freaking out,” one report noted. Tickets had cost up to $250,000, and Trump met privately with about 19 people for 45 minutes. Trump knew his adviser Hope Hicks had tested positive when he left for the club, but he went anyway. He did not wear a mask.
Reporter Chris Wallace of the Fox News Channel, who moderated Tuesday’s debate and so was one of those the Trumps' entourage endangered, revealed today that Trump arrived too late on Tuesday for a COVID-19 test, as the venue required. Instead, there was an “honor system.”  Confirmed. Business Insider.

Organizers assumed the people associated with the campaigns would not come unless they had tested negative. Trump’s people arrived wearing masks, which they had to have to enter the auditorium, but then removed them shortly after sitting down, and refused to put them back on. During the debate, Trump mocked Biden for his habit of wearing a mask.
The campaign did not tell the Biden camp that Hicks, who attended the debate, had tested positive for coronavirus the day after the event. The Biden organization learned it from the newspapers. The White House did not even tell former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who spent four days in close quarters with Hicks and Trump, helping the president prepare for the debate. He, too, learned the news from the media.
This crisis shows how the administration’s refusal to share information and its insistence on its own version of reality creates confusion that leaves Americans vulnerable and anxious. Its history of secrecy and lies means that few people actually trust anything its spokespeople say. It was striking how many people did not believe the Trumps were actually sick when the news broke; we are so accustomed to Trump’s lies that many people thought he was simply looking for a way out of future debates.
The constant lies—about coronavirus and virtually everything else—destabilize the nation because we cannot know what the truth really is. And if we don’t know what is actually happening, we cannot make good decisions. Today the editorial board of the Washington Post warned that the White House simply must let us know the truth about the president’s health so that we know who is actually running national security, the economy, and the election on our behalf.
That plea did not appear to make much of an impression on the White House: it did not bother to tell Pelosi, who is third in line for the presidency, that Trump was being helicoptered to Walter Reed Hospital.
And so we are facing a pandemic spreading through the upper ranks of the government just before an election with little faith that we will learn the truth about what is happening. That, just as much as the infections in the administration, is a crisis.
To its credit, the Biden campaign has identified this crisis and is doing its best to restore our sense of a shared reality, based in our history and our better principles. Rather than expressing outrage that the Trump camp exposed him and his wife and guests to coronavirus, Biden offered his best wishes for Trump and the First Lady, as did his running mate Kamala Harris. Biden’s campaign pulled all its negative ads out of respect for the president’s illness (the Trump campaign refused to follow suit).
Biden spoke in Michigan today, assuring the audience that “We can get this pandemic under control so we can get our economy working again for everyone.” But, he emphasized, “this cannot be a partisan moment. It must be an American moment. We have to come together as a nation.” He promised to get rid of the toxic partisanship that is keeping us all off balance. “I’m running as a Democrat,” he said, “but I will… govern as an American president. Whether you voted for me or against me, I will represent you... and those who see each other as fellow Americans who just don’t live in red states or blue states but who live in and love the United States of America. That’s who we are.”


Friday, October 2, 2020

Our Moment

Trump's False Statements

Donald Trump ‘s repeated and unfounded attacks on election integrity date back to at least 2012.


Sept. 29, 2020. Asked if he would urge calm if the election were not decisive: “ I am urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully , because that’s what has happened. I am urging them to do it.”


Asked to explain: “ I’ll tell you what it means-it means you have a fraudulent election”


Sept 24, to reporters. “ We want to make certain that the election is honest, and I am not certain it can be.”


Sept 17, In a Tweet. “Because of the new and unprecedented massive amount of unsolicited ballots, which will be sent to “voters” or whatever, this year. The Nov 3rd Election result may NEVER BE ACCURATELY DETERMINED,  which is what some want. Another election disaster yesterday.  Stop Ballot Madness.”


… Nov 8, 2016, IN AN ELECTION DAY INTERVIEW WITH FOX NEWS.  “There are reports that, when people vote for Republicans, the entire ticket switches over to Democrats- you’ve seen that- its happening in various places today, its been reported. “



“We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided !”

 Fact-Checking Falsehoods on Mail-In Voting


See more.