Saturday, December 12, 2020

Immoral Behavior by the Republicans


It is immoral that in the midst of a deadly pandemic with over 265,000 dead, corporations get billions in debt relief, while the nearly 140 million poor and low-wealth people in our nation are being left behind. We need a COVID relief bill that is at least $3 trillion, yet Senator Manchin and others are proposing a so-called “compromise” bill that is only $900 billion—more than $2 trillion short of what is needed. 

We need a bill that guarantees health care for those impacted by COVID; provides sick leave and protections from evictions; and a bill that does not cut unemployment, which the proposed bill seeks to do.

While I admire Sen. Manchin for trying to get something done, it is shameful to call this a “compromise” when the poor people who are dying the most and working the hardest to keep the country running will get the least. 

The Republicans who have forced this bill down to $900 billion are sinful and shameful and we must speak out against this.

It is immoral that corporations got everything they asked for and more, while one in eight Americans reported going hungry last week!

Please add your voice to our moral call on Sen. Manchin and other politicians to stop playing games with people’s lives.

We need leaders to stand up for what’s right and call on Congress to pass a COVID-19 relief bill that meets the needs of the most impacted people.

Bishop William J. Barber, II

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