Friday, February 26, 2021

Sanders on the $15 per hour minimum wage fight

 In a disgraceful decision, the Senate Parliamentarian ruled yesterday that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour could not be done through budget reconciliation. The House is voting right now and we are pushing to make sure $15 stays in the COVID Relief Package.

Duane, the fight for $15 is not over. Vice President Harris can and should overrule the unelected Parliamentarian’s decision — but if that doesn’t happen, Democrats MUST abolish the filibuster to get a $15 minimum wage done.

Struggling working people across the country donated their time and money last year to help Democrats win the Senate and White House — Democrats now have no excuse not to use every tool they have to get the bare minimum done for working people.

Our Revolution members have been actively organizing actions to demand a more just minimum wage, and this blow means we only need to scale up more. Can we count on you to pitch in to help us keep fighting to raise the minimum wage?

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