Monday, October 18, 2021

California Drought

 California, which has been plagued by some of its worst droughts and wildfires in recent years, just recorded its driest year in nearly a century, according to data that state water officials released earlier this month. 

The 2021 water year ― a period that ran from Oct. 1, 2020, to Sept. 30, 2021 ― marked the least rainfall since 1924 and was the second driest year since the state started tracking the metric 125 years ago. 

“[E]xtreme conditions that once were rare are occurring with increased frequency,” the state’s Department of Water Resources said. “California’s climate is transitioning to a warmer setting in which historical relationships among temperature, precipitation, and runoff are changing.”

Several areas ― including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento ― experienced less than half of their average annual rainfall, the report found. Overall, California was one of the driest states in the western U.S. last year.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sanders : What Can We Do Today ?


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This is a transformative moment for our country, for the planet and for the future of American democracy.

Within the next several weeks we have the real possibility of creating unprecedented public policy which stands up for working families, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor — and defeats the greed of powerful special interests and the billionaire class.

In other words, we are at a moment when Congress can demonstrate to the American people that their government can work for ordinary people, and not just the 1% and wealthy campaign contributors.

Yes: We can cut childhood poverty in half by continuing the direct payments to working class parents that began with the American Rescue Plan.

Yes: We can revolutionize childcare, make pre-K universal and free and allow over a million women to re-enter the workforce.

Yes: We can substantially lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Yes: We can expand Medicare to cover dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses.

Yes: We can make certain that we have doctors, nurses and dentists serving in medically underserved areas.

Yes: We can end the embarrassment of being the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid family and medical leave.

Yes: We can expand home health care so that the elderly and disabled are not forced into nursing homes.

Yes: We can build the millions of units of low-income and affordable housing that our country desperately needs.

Yes: We can guarantee that all of our young people have the opportunity to gain the job skills they need by attending community college tuition-free.

Yes. We can finally lead the world in combating the existential threat of climate change by transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Yes: At a time of massive income and wealth inequality we can pay for all of that by demanding that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes.

And when we do all of these things, and more, we can create millions of good-paying jobs.

This is not some kind of pipe dream or utopian dreaming. These are exactly the provisions that are in the Reconciliation Bill which is now being worked on in the Senate — a bill which is being ruthlessly opposed by the entire ruling class of the country.

As we speak, thousands of well-paid lobbyists are swarming all over Capitol Hill representing their corporate bosses. The pharmaceutical industry is spending hundreds of millions to prevent us from lowering the outrageous cost of prescription drugs. The health care industry is spending huge amounts to prevent us from expanding Medicare. The fossil fuel industry is spending a fortune to prevent us from cutting back on carbon emissions. And, of course, the billionaire class will spend what it takes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

So today I'd like to ask you to do something important to ensure we match their efforts with our own. Because the only way real change ever happens in this country is when the American people come together and demand it. 

That's why I'm asking: 

Can you call your Senators and House member to tell them you support the $3.5 trillion Reconciliation Bill that will transform this country? Dial 202-224-3121 and the operator will connect you to the office you request.

Now is the time to think big and act decisively to address the long-neglected needs of the working class of this country as well as the existential threat of climate change.

Now is the time, finally, for Congress to have the courage to take on the big-money interests and wealthy campaign contributors who have so much power over the economic and political life of our country.

Thank you for calling your Senators and House member today to demand a Reconciliation Bill that addresses the many crises we face at this moment. 



Saturday, October 2, 2021