Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Angela Ashby's Campaign Lies

 Angelique Ashby Campaign Lies


Angelique Ashby is running for California State Senate as a Democrat. 

Her campaign literature is variously signed by her  and others by the California Association of Realtors, and other business groups.

Each of her pieces that I have received say, in one form or another,

Her opponent supports a government run health system that forces seniors off Medicare. This is a lie.  In another piece, the campaign says her opponent will force seniors off Medicare Again- False.


What they are talking about.?

There has been a sustained effort for over six years to pass legislation to create a Single Payer Health Care system, often called Health Care for All.  Such as system is not government run.

It is more like the Canadian system.  In fact Medicare itself is a single payer system. Her opponent has supported this effort. 

It is regretful that candidate Ashby distorts these important issues rather than accurately describe the real choices on medical care.  This kind of abuse of the truth has been popularized by the Trump campaign. It should not be promoted by Democrats.

Bernie Sanders on Medicare.

Expanding Medicare

Today, millions of seniors are unable to afford the outrageous cost of dental care, hearing aids or prescription eyeglasses. Most Democrats believe we need to expand Medicare to cover these essential health care services. Not a single Republican member of Congress agrees. Further there are many Republicans in the House and the Senate who support massive cuts to Medicare.

Universal Health Care

At a time when 85 million Americans are uninsured or under-insured, most Democrats believe that the U.S. should do what every other major country does and guarantee health care for all. Not a single Republican in Washington agrees. The last time Republicans controlled the Senate they came within one vote of throwing up to 32 million Americans off of their health insurance by repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Which Side Are You On ?

Monday, October 24, 2022

A Memo to Democrats

A Memo to Democrats: We will win this election if we convince voters we care about their economic well-being.