Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Obama campaign

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For a response to the charge below that Obama is not black enough, see
Duane Campbell

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Some interesting statistics:

According to recent records from the Federal Election Commission, the top fund raisers in the presidential campaign are the leading Democrats: Clinton ($89 million) and Obama ($79.4 million). We pretty well know where Hillary gets her cash, but Obama's sources are unclear. Romney, who is rich and can finance himself, comes in third with $61.6 million.

Edwards, farther down the line with $30.1 million, comes between McCain and Richardson.

Candidates have to identify contributions from political pacs but not from individuals, as long as the amount is less than a specified figure. So special interest groups can launder funds through a lot of executives. Over $79 million of Obama's war chest comes from individuals. It's hard to believe that he could get that much from poor people, minorities, and working people facing home foreclosure and an impending recession.

I don't have an answer, but I wish I did.