Thursday, January 31, 2008

PDA California on the race

For those who do not know, we were once a part of PDA. We left.
Here is a position on the current election.


Dear Duane,

PDA's roots began in opposition to the Iraq War. PDA's entire existence has been a daily fight to end a war that never should have been started. We all know that. And over the next few days, we have a chance to act in harmony with our antiwar roots.

Here's the essence of the situation: if Senator Obama can make it through next Tuesday in decent shape--or better--the electoral terrain in the rest of the month of February seems very favorable to his candidacy. But Senator Clinton is going for a knockout punch right now, this week, trying to dominate in places where PDA has some strength, states like California and Massachusetts.

Why should PDA care? Well, since PDA's top-ranked candidates--Kucinich and Edwards--have now withdrawn, PDA supporters who wanted to could still make a difference in the next few days for our third-ranked candidate, Barack Obama, especially in California and Massachusetts.

PDA supporters who wanted to could still make a difference in the next few days, especially in CA & MA. We could email our personal lists, call our friends, blog our support online, volunteer, vote. We could, if we wanted to, choose to act.

My own thoughts, as a lifelong antiwar activist, are pretty straightforward at this point. There are two main candidates left.

One of them, Barack Obama, spoke out against the war in October of 2002, before it started.

The other one, Hillary Clinton, voted to authorize that war only 8 days later.

Their speeches are worth reading. Obama got it right. Clinton got it wrong. I'm going to support the one that got it right.

Yours in the movement,

Steve Cobble
PDA from Roxbury on,
Formerly with Kucinich '04 & '08

This message was not paid for or coordinated with any candidate or campaign.

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