Friday, October 31, 2008

Sacramento Progressive Alliance Voter Guide

National Offices:
Vice President: Joseph Biden
US Congress - District 3: Dr. Bill Durston
US Congress - District 4: Charlie Brown
US Congress - District 11: Jerry McNerney

Statewide Offices:
State Senate – 1st District – Anselmo Chavez
State Senate– 8th District – Lois Wolk
State Assembly 8th District – Mariko Yamada
State Assembly 9th District – Dave Jones
State Assembly 10th District – Alyson Huber
State Assembly 15th District – Joan Buchanan

Local Offices:
SMUD Board - Nancy Bui
Elk Grove City Council - Katherine Maestas
Los Rios Comm. College District Trustee - Katherine "Kay" Albiani

Statewide Ballot Propositions:
Prop 1A – YES - Authorizes $9.95 billion in bonds to plan a high-speed passenger train system.
Prop 2 – YES - Effectively outlaws the caging of egg-laying hens.
Prop 4 – NO - If this one passes, it would require physicians to notify a minor’s parents about a planned abortion.
Prop 6 – NO - If this one passes, it would increase sentences, also requires $ for various programs to combat gangs.
Prop 8 – NO - State constitution: Bans gay marriage.
Prop 9 – NO - Requires victim notification of bail, pleas, sentencing and parole (which is already the law), result is higher costs and longer sentences.
Prop 12 – YES - $900 million to provide home and farm aid for California veterans.
Measure M: YES - Los Rios Community College District

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