Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson, R.I.P.

Michael Jackson wasn't just the King of Pop, he was also the King of Humanitarian Service and Ambassador to the World. His beautiful music and his dedicated service to the least of these touched our hearts, tore down barriers of all kinds, and inspired so many of us to serve humanity. Back in the day I had the privilege of seeing MJ perform at the Fabulous Forum, not far from where Micahel's friends and family said goodbye on Tuesday. Watching Michael Jackson, the greaters entertainer in history, was truly an unforgettable experience.

It's important to remember that Michael Jackson -- and every American born before 1965 -- grew up in a society where Black people were not citizens, were denied basic human rights and were subjected to racial terrorism on a daily basis. Yet like Dr. King, Fannie Lou Hamer and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, Michael Jackson responded not with hatred but with love -- through his music of peace and solidarity and his unparalleled charitable giving. As Rev. Al Sharpton explained so so eloquently at the Memorial Service, without Michael Jackson's pioneering work as a pop culture trailblazer there could never have been a President Barack Obama. Michael Jackson, gone too soon... far too soon. Heal the World. MJ, thank you and R.I.P.

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