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One Nation March on Oct.2

One Nation Formed to Bring Back the American Dream
Posted By James Parks On August 5, 2010
Working people are frustrated and angered [1] by the inability of lawmakers to stop the massive loss of jobs and decline in living standards, while Republicans—and some Democrats—freely hand over the economy to corporations that are growing richer and more powerful each day.
To help renew the American Dream for everyone, some 170 progressive groups, including the AFL-CIO, NAACP [2]National Council of La Raza [3] and many affiliated unions, have come together in One Nation [4].       
One Nation is a multi-racial, civil and human rights movement whose mission is to reorder our nation’s priorities to invest in our nation’s most valuable resource—our people. One Nation is holding an Oct. 2 rally at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with tens of thousands of activists taking part. They will then return to their neighborhoods, congregations, schools and, especially, voting booths, fired up with new energy to take back the country.
On the same day, the union movement will walk door-to-door in targeted states around the country, mobilizing union members exactly one month before the fall elections.

During its Aug. 4-5 meeting in Washington, D.C., the AFL-CIO Executive Council issued a statement [5] supporting One Nation and saying we must fight the fear mongering and scapegoating that is dividing our country. 
We have to fight this hateful demagoguery that only benefits our foes, and we can’t do it alone. History has taught us that the best way to fight the forces of hatred is to address the economic policies that led to our economic suffering, and that our fight must draw its strength from an alliance of the poor and the middle class—everyone who works for a living.   
Speaking at Harvard University this past April, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka [1] warned that massive unemployment and growing inequality threaten our democracy. Saying “the stakes couldn’t be any higher,” Trumka told the mostly student audience:
If you care about defending our country against the apostles of hate, you need to be part of the fight to rebuild a sustainable, high wage economy built on good jobs—the kind of economy that can only exist when working men and women have a real voice on the job
The organizations that form One Nation support the union movement’s agenda of an economy that works for all; good jobs, fair jobs, safe jobs, and more jobs; reforming Wall Street; repairing our immigration system; quality education for every child; and ensuring that everyone in America has the opportunity to contribute to and strengthen our country, according to the statement:
The Council statement also issues a rallying cry to workers:
Working people can make a difference when we rely on ourselves and act collectively. We are America. And together we can make our voices heard.  
Read the Council statement “One Nation Working Together” here [5].

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LOL You want MORE? of what you voted for last prez election? You have what you voted for. Obviously it's not working. Why in the h3ll would you strike for more of the same. The Progressive/Democrats OWN Congress, the Senate and White house.They have crushed business stability and predictability with Progressive/Communist attitudes....and you want more.