Sunday, September 12, 2010

Electoral Strategy

There is work to be done. Step by step.

Republicans are desperately trying to take over Congress by threatening to repeal the historic changes we've achieved together. That's it. Even if they weren't funded largely by special interests, theirs would be one of the most cynical campaigns I've seen in my decades of working in politics.

We know what Republicans will do if they win back control. Their ideas -- out of touch and favoring special interests -- reveal not only an astonishing lack of understanding of the challenges facing middle-class families, but a party that can define itself only in its united opposition to progress. Returning to Bush administration policies that drove our economy into a recession is not leadership -- it's negligence.

Over the last year and a half, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have stabilized our financial system, ended insurance company abuses, invested in private sector jobs, cut taxes for middle-class families, and established the strongest consumer financial protections in history.

Republicans stood on the sidelines and said "no."

A party that refuses to participate in tackling the enormous challenges facing our country does not deserve to lead.

You know this. I know this. Now let's get out there and tell our communities.

David Plouffe  Organizing for America
Come to our Progressive Alliance meeting and get involved.  Your activism can make the difference.
Sat. Sept. 18.  10 Am. 

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