Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 days until the election

There are just 5 days until the election: This is not a time when progressives can stand on the sidelines.

Participate in the Progressive Election Forum by the Progressive Alliance on Oct.28.
Can the student vote make a difference ?
Is there a difference between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman on jobs?  On tuition?
Is there really a marijuana initiative on the ballot?  What about Propositions 23 and 25? and more.
 Progressive Election Forum;  Oct.28, 2010. Orchard Room.  U. Union  12 -2PM.
Professor Jim Shoch, Dr. Ami Bera, students, and more.
If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.
Sponsored by the  Faculty Progressive Alliance, Sacramento Progressive Alliance., the Sac State Coalition,  CFA-Capitol Chapter, and Capitol Area Progressives.

In a week most pundits are predicting massive Republican victories  in the mid-term election. These poll-based predictions assume a model of a very different electorate than turned out in the 2008 election.  What the pundits don't tell you is that if they are wrong about who turns out to vote next week, their predictions will also be wrong.

Frankly the stakes could not be higher. A Republican takeover of the House of Representatives or the Senate would put an end to  any chance of meaningful reform until after the 2012 election. More over the limited gains of the last two years would be put at risk.  Republicans  have made it perfectly clear that their primary goal is to repeal all of the legislation  --from health care reform  to student loan reform to the modest reforms that  were intended to rein in the Wall Street speculators who were the primary cause of the economic crisis that we still suffer from today--  that the current congress passed and the president signed into law.

Such a result would further diminish the prospects of restoring the economy and would legitimize the campaign of obstruction, vilification, and mendacity that they have carried out for the last two years. Further,  a Republican wave would bring into political office a new class of political extremists representing the worst elements of the right-wing fringe.

This group would immediately join with other Republicans and  Democratic deficit hawks to cut Social Security  and  Medicare benefits.  Some think that nothing can be done, but each of us can take steps between now and the election to change the character of the electorate and push back against the right.

4 things you can do now!

Friends don't let friends forget to vote

We are counting on you to spread the word far and wide that getting up early or staying late at the polls on November 2 matters.  Make sure  all of your friends and associates know that you are not standing on the sidelines in this election and they shouldn't either. You can use the forward to a friend button at the very bottom of this email message to let others  know what you think.

Use your FACE BOOK page (or other social media) and friends list to spread the word. Here is a link to some ICONS that you can post on your page to let others know why you are voting.

Join with others in local efforts to turn out progressive voters.

In most communities there are progressive and labor  efforts to get the progressive vote out. In states where early voting has begun there are efforts to get progressives to the polls early as well.

Participate in the Progressive Election Forum by the Progressive Alliance on Oct.28.

Work from your home to help turn out progressive voters in other areas.


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