Monday, November 15, 2010

Call in for unemployment benefits extension- today

Hey!  In addition to calling Congress on the National Call-In Action Day there's another way to raise your voice on Tuesday, November 16 for continuing the federal unemployment insurance program.
It's a Blog-A-Thon!
We've teamed up with our friends at to raise our blogging voices for unemployed workers and their families. is promoting their own Blog Carnival on the unemployment issue on Tuesday, November 16.  And, in coordination, we're sponsoring a parallel Blog-A-Thon.
Here's how it works:
If you post on a blog, or have your own blog, make Tuesday, November 16 the day you post a blog on the unemployment crisis and the need for Congress to continue the federal unemployment benefits program.  

Squeezed for time?  Then you can just post your 'micro-blog' message on Twitter.  Send us tweets supporting continued unemployment benefits to @laidoffleftout or @MomsRising (or both) and include the hashtag #blog4ui so others can follow along as well.
So, on Tuesday, November16, in addition to calling Congress on the National Call-In Action Day you can also raise your blog voice as part of the coordinated Blog Carnival and Blog-A-Thon for unemployed workers and their families.  You'll find all the information and background you might need in this post from our blog, and in the National Employment Law Project's report "Out in the Cold for the Holidays."
Many thanks.  See you on the Blog-A-Thon.
Mitchell, Chris, Andy, Maurice, Judy, Christine, Rebecca, Mike, Rick, George, Norman, Claire and Blase

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