Saturday, April 9, 2011

Solidarity Works- talk

 Solidarity Works: Socialism and Organizing for Social Change
The current economic crisis is an example of the failure of capitalism. The alternative to capitalism is democratic socialism.  This is a discussion of socialism and its relationship to the current budget cuts in California  and anti union attacks in Wisconsin, Ohio, and other states. This talk  is an introduction to what is socialism and why socialists must be organized and activists.
Duane Campbell.  Chair. Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America.  Wed. April 13.  6 PM.  Sol Collective. Sacramento Activist School.  2574 21st. Street. Sacramento.
See reports below on attacks on unions. 


Constructive Feedback said...


If we scan the nation - there are an abundance of solid Democratic Party controlled cities that have executed massive layoffs of unionized government workers long before Gov Scott Walker ever came into office.

Why is it that it appears that you all progressive-fundamentalists seem to be running a protection for UNIONS but are loathed to look at all of the job losses that are present EVEN WHEN there is no "political adversary" in office?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Question! Now lets see what kind of answer they create.
It sure won't be that the voters are sick and tired of being fleeced.