Monday, December 5, 2011

Support unemployed workers

The clock is ticking.  Congress has yet to act to renew federal unemployment insurance for 2012, and the program that has helped more than 17 million long-term jobless Americans is set to expire December 31st.
If Congress fails to act, nearly 2 million unemployed workers will be cut off of federal unemployment benefits in the month of January alone.  Millions more would be cut off in ensuing months -- more than 6 million during 2012.
Last week, with your help, we delivered 80,000 Petition to Congress online signatures, gathered with key allies, to a rally with unemployed workersand Members of Congress on Capitol Hill.
Now, we need to make sure that all the Congressional leaders and every Member of Congress receives this message directly from you:  Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance Now!
Send a message to your Members of Congress and Congressional leaders:  Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance Now!
Tell your Senators, your Representative and the leaders in Congress from both parties to Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance Now!
Many thanks.
The UnemployedWorkers.Org Team

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