Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Democratic Promise of Occupy Wall Street

December 12, 2011


Mario Galvan said...

Hi Sac Progressive Alliance,
I'd like to let you all know that, just as this article suggests, I am offering a creative alternative to the present money-corrupted political system. I am filing as a candidate for US Congress in the newly created 7th District, generally east and south of Sacramento.
I hope to provide a voting option for those who, like the author of this article, have had enough of the desolate political landscape. I ask the Progessive Alliance to consider helping me in the attempt to make a real change in our nation's politics. At this stage, I could use your signatures, and if possible, your help in gathering even more signatures, in order to minimize the cost of filing as a candidate.
If you want to help, contact me at:
or 916 224-4400

Thanks for your consideration,

Mario Galvan

Dan Brook said...

Feel free to check out and use my

A Declaration of the 99%