Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CSU Faculty Union prepare for possible strike

The CSU Trustees were meeting inside today, first in closed session to discuss “executive personnel matters” and collective bargaining. Then they met in committee on yet another new policy to give more raises to campus presidents, now from university auxiliaries.
Meantime, 150 faculty from 20 campuses all over California protested outside. The faculty made a strong pitch that the CSU Trustees and management need to adopt policies that put instruction and student services first, and to settle a fair contract with the faculty.
CFA President Lillian Taiz, who was among the rally speakers today, called for CSU management “to get their priorities straight.”
Andy Merrifield, CFA Bargaining Team chair, said the hard work of the faculty this semester, as well as today’s actions, “provide the Bargaining Team the support it needs to work toward a fair contract at the table.”
Art Pulaski, Secretary-Treasurer of the California Federation of Labor, said fair contracts for university faculty affect every campus community’s capacity to deliver quality education to students.

Leaders of other unions spoke including Rich Anderson from UAW/Academic Student Employees, Steve Teixeira from Academic Professionals of California, and Pat Gantt and Joseph Dobzynski, Jr. from the CSU Employees Union.
Faculty solidarity actions, including banner drops and informational pickets, took place on many campuses.
See photos of today’s actions by faculty members on CFA Facebook. (You don’t need to be a Facebook user to view the photos.)

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