Sunday, May 13, 2012

Will the Democrats drink the austerity cool aid?

For those who viewed the excellent video last night of The Heist.  You may recall the role of the Peterson "think tank".  Here is what they are doing this week.

Will Democrats Embrace "Austerity American Style"?

   Crash This Party and Find Out

By Richard (RJ) Eskow
Campaign for America's Future
May 11, 2012

Heard about the meeting that's being held to decide
your economic future? If the answer's "no," don't feel
bad: That's because you weren't invited. But Tim
Geithner was. So was Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican
member of Congress whose radical right-wing plans for
cutting Medicare have made him the subject of a Mitt
Romney "bromance." So was Bill Clinton, who showed up
last year and uttered the usual Beltway insider's
falsehoods about what's really wrong with Social

Hey, maybe your invitation to billionaire Pete
Peterson's "Fiscal Summit" got lost in the mail. Or
maybe they really, really didn't want you there. Who
cares? That's no reason not to go anyway.

Hey, Sen. Bernie Sanders wasn't invited, and his
proposal for Social Security was much more popular with
the American people than anything that's likely to be
discussed at this little get-together.

It's Your Party

   That's right: There's a "summit," and nobody
   invited the American people. They didn't even
   invite the guy who proposed the fiscal plan
   that most Americans - including most
   Republicans - wanted, according to the polling
   data. But he's going anyway.

May 15, 2012 at 1 p.m. In Front Of the Peter G.
Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit 1301 Constitution
Avenue NW Washington, D.C.

That's Bernie for ya.

In fact, there will be a rally outside and Bernie will
be speaking there. The rally's on Monday, May 15, at 1
p.m. outside 1301 Constitution Avenue NW. Call it the
"people's summit," the "sidewalk summit," or - in honor
of MCA - a "fight for your right to crash their party."
Whatever you call it, it's on. Some of my CAF
colleagues will be there, along with some other good

I'd go myself, but I burned through my travel hours
this month by coming to Charlotte for the Bank of
America shareholder's meeting and Occupy protests. That
was another party where the public wasn't very welcome.
(I'm on the plane back home right now, as a matter of
fact. Inflight wireless: it's both a blessing and a

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