Thursday, August 9, 2012

Will the candidates please speak up ?

Robert Borosage
Everyone agrees that there is only one question on voters' minds: who has a plausible plan to put this economy on the right track? Yet in the most expensive election in recorded history, candidates up and down the ticket aren't offering much of an answer. The presidential campaigns are running through their first billion on attack ads. And both congressional delegations are fixated on how best to inflict austerity on an economy that is barely moving. (We've seen how well that works in Europe where austerity has produced both increasing misery and increasing debt burdens.)
Democrats are tongue-tied because polls show Americans increasingly worried about deficits and skeptical about spending or anything labeled "stimulus." This is nuts, but it's an election year, and when polls speak, politicians listen. Democrats seem dangerously close to repeating the mistake of 2010 and going into the election without a jobs plan.

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