Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney criticizes many on social security- if they are too poor.

While Mitt Romney criticizes some of the elderly and people on social security,
"Those that are dependent on government and those that think government’s job is to redistribute -- I’m not going to get them,..
 Romney allowed that some of the people who don't pay income taxes may be his supporters -- senior citizens or members of the military, for instance -- he argued that his message about "the 47 percent" would resonate.” 
Candidate Romney did not criticize the major tax cheats in the U.S. , major corporations continue to use the rigged tax code to avoid paying any federal taxes at all. If you have “one dollar” in your wallet, you’re paying more than the “combined income tax liability of GE, ExxonMobil, Citibank, and the Bank of America“:

- Apple, which has made tax avoidance an art form worthy of an iPad despite its reliance on the U.S. for research, design, marketing, infrastructure, etc.

-- Google, which winds its way through Ireland, the Netherlands, and Bermuda to compete with Apple for the lowest tech company tax rate.
-- General Motors, which got bailed out with taxpayer money that hasn't been fully repaid, and which now is making record profits.
-- Boeing, which is so busy profiting from government contracts that it barely has time to cash its tax refund check.
And then, of course is Mitt Romney himself.  He won’t publish his tax returns so we can not tell where he is avoiding taxes.
See a detailed report here. http://www.ctj.org/corporatetaxdodgers/CorporateTaxDodgersReport.pdf

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