Friday, November 2, 2012

Your work is needed. Yes on Prop. 30

A new Field  Poll says that if the election were held today 48 % would vote Yes on Prop. 30 to fund schools, colleges and public services, 38 % would vote no, and 14 % are undecided. That is too close.   We need you to take action to win over that 14%. This vote is our best opportunity to reverse the austerity cycle of budgeting used in California for the last 4 years since the economic crisis.
We formed the Progressive Alliance to combine and coordinate our efforts in politics.  Well, now is the time to combine and coordinate.   Below  is a list of 30 actions you can take this weekend. Choose at least 4. 

The California Dream was built on a system of public schools and colleges that gave every Californian access to the education needed to get ahead.
Today, I’m asking you to join me in supporting Proposition 30 because we can’t keep cutting our schools and still keep the economy strong for the next generation. 
With your YES vote on Prop. 30, we can:
                Stop another $6 billion in cuts to our schools this year.
                Prevent steep tuition hikes for college students and their families.
                Invest in our schools and colleges so we can prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future.
Let’s work together to invest in our children and a strong economy for California’s future. 
Join me in voting YES on Prop. 30.
Here is what we need you as a reader of the Progressive Alliance to do:
Pick  at least 4.
                Write a Letter to the Editor
                Call 30 people in the state to vote for Prop 30
                Before school, place Prop 30 signs at the corners of the school ground- public property
                Put a sign in your car
                Write everyone on your email list

                Change your Facebook picture to Yes on 30
                Tweet using #yeson30 – let’s get it trending
                Phone bank your own family…tell them about the importance of passing Prop 30
                Wear a Yes on 30 button- make it yourself if you can’t find one.
                Ask your local coffee shop, restaurant, grocery if you can put up a Yes on 30 sign
                Share a Pro-30 editorial with your Facebook friends
                Stand on the corner with a Yes on 30 sign
                Grab some friends and line the streets carrying Yes on Prop 30 signs
                Share this tumblr:  LA Teachers Discuss Impact of 15 Fewer Instruction Days
                Bring up the school funding cuts in conversations with neighbors and talk about how Prop 30 will stop trigger cuts from going into effect.
                 Volunteer to phone bank
                Use old fashion canvassing and GOTV with other union organizations.  Don’t waste time getting cute or fancy
                Put up a Yes on 30 lawn sign
                Call in to your local talk radio show and explain why we need to pass Prop 30
                Send an email to parent listservs offering information on Prop 30
                Show a class of 40 kids…kindergarten age…with one teacher trying to teach to this crowd and ask people if they want their child, grandchild, niece, nephew, to get their educational start in that kind of environment!
                3-0, let’s go! 3-2, pee-eww! It’s the simple sound bite that wins elections in this country unfortunately.
                Make a video – funny, serious, scary – and share it on Facebook and YouTube.
                Post a Facebook status telling your friends why you support Prop 30 and hope they do too
                Craft a list a la Letterman: 10 Reasons to vote for Prop 30
                Explain the child care costs some people will face if we lose 3 weeks of instruction — that alone might give some people cause to think a bit more on it. $200 per year in sales tax is a lot less than a month of child care.
                Bring up the election while at dentist appoints, doctor appointments, getting your car serviced, in line at the grocery store – use every interaction as an education opportunity
                Remind friends that the income tax increase only affects individuals making over $250,000
                Help friends understand the sales tax increase this way: The only “tax increase” most Californian’s will see is a 1/4 cent sales tax. One penny for every $4 spent. If I spend $4,000 on taxable items in a year, that is $10.
 Go to Yes on 30 on Facebook for more ideas.
If you are not worried about this election, then you are not paying attention.
Then, please report back on the Progressive Alliance facebook list to tell us what your have done.
Thank you for all the work that you do.
Duane Campbell.  Electoral Chair. Progressive Alliance.
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