Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stop the budget cuts. Act today

On March 1, new federal cuts will begin to take effect.  If nothing is done, many hundreds of thousands of people will be hurt by across-the-board cuts to education, job training, home heating assistance, public health, and social services, to name only a few areas.   You can see a sampling of the impact in fact sheets for every state and for the U.S.   Such as:  Up to 125,000 families and 100,000 formerly homeless people losing their housing (or having to pay much more), 600,000 young children and moms losing WIC nutrition aid, 70,000 children denied Head Start, nearly 76,000 people with disabilities losing Voc. Rehabilitation services, 373,000 adults and children with serious mental illness losing treatment.
       These fact sheets provide powerful reasons why Congress should stop the mindless cuts.   Your voice is needed.  Click here for a simple way to be heard.

It is very possible that Congress will not come up with an alternative by March 1, and the sequestration cuts will begin Members of Congress will only agree to protect human needs programs, raise revenues, and make sensible savings in the Pentagon, if they hear from constituents saying that's the right thing to do.  Clickhere to send letters to your Rep. and Senators.
Coalition for Human Needs. Oppose the budget cuts.

Sacramento PA is aligned with the Coalition on Human Needs.

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