Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oppose the peripheral tunnels

The public opposes the peripheral tunnels

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the peripheral tunnels is proceeding forward without any approval by the voters because the Brown administration knows that the project would be overwhelming defeated just like the peripheral canal plan was in 1982.

The tunnel plan is simply a corporate water grab by agribusiness, oil companies and Southern California water agencies. The "habitat restoration" in the plan is added as an afterthought by state officials to green wash the destruction of the largest estuary on the West Coast.

The tunnels will spread the carnage of Central Valley Chinook salmon, steelhead and other fish north to the Sacramento River while the massive fish kills at the state and federal water pumps in the South Delta will continue. How can we trust the state to construct state-of-the-art fish screens on the new intakes when they have failed to install them at the existing pumps?

Dan Bacher, Sacramento

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