Monday, December 15, 2014

Black Lives Matter

The march in NYC.

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Concerned Mom 76 said...

SUBJECT: Mike Willey Grand Marshal of MLK Parade = Donald Sterling Affect (former owner of Clippers)

Mike Wiley as the Grand Marshal of the MLK Parade is an honor that is not deserved. The public should be aware that under the leadership of Mike Wiley, CEO, Sacramento Regional Transit District, a lawsuit has been filed with Superior Court of California, Sacramento County, June 27, 2014, Case Name: Jones vs. Sacramento Regional Transit District, et al., Case Number 34-2014-00165581 in which 12 minority RT employees are seeking damages for:

1. Employment discrimination based on race
2. Racial harassment
3. Failure to prevent discrimination
4. Harassment & retaliation
5. Sex harassment
6. Sex discrimination
7. Retaliation for having opposed sexual harassment
8. Employment discrimination based on national origin/ancestry
9. Unlawful intimidation.

It is a travesty that our community is giving Mike Wiley a public recognition, which in any ways gives the impression that fostering a culture that excludes and discriminates against people of color is acceptable. Mr. Wiley in this coveted and honorable role is an affront to Dr. King’s dream.

Until this case is fully adjudicated, it would be premature, reckless and not in the best interest of the community to bestow such an honor upon Mr. Wiley.

MLK365's missions statement advocates “social change as a strategy for building strong and healthy communities 365 days a year” this would include the workplace. Mr. Wiley’s Grand Marshal ship is antithetical to this mission statement.

Given the aforementioned I am requesting that Mr. Wiley be removed as the Grand Marshal of the MLK parade.

Let MLK365 Sacramento know how you feel.

Thank you.